My wife and I love our Tuscan penthouse…

 “I selected Kathleen to design my first penthouse six years ago. After listening to my requirements . . . . and learning how I would use the space she created the perfect environment for me. So, it was only natural, that, when it came time to design my new home last year that I turned to Kathleen to make it happen. This time I really challenged her: transform this ultra contemporary penthouse into a Tuscan retreat for my wife and me.”. . . . . .“my wife and I love our Tuscan penthouse ……. but if the time comes for us to move on, we will call on Kathleen and KZ Design Group to design our next home.”

-William Jeffery, San Diego 

What a jewel!

“If the USA were a bit more Oriental we would have a very qualified person as a “Master Decorator and contractor supervisor.” I doubt many could ever be in the realm of qualification but you, and so skilled in the facets of their profession. What a jewel!”
-Patricia G. Cohan, U.S.N.Commander Ret.

Attention to detail is top notch!

“It would be a pleasure to recommend Kathleen to anyone planning on doing a remodel or new construction. Her Attention to detail is top notch!I know she will do a first class job!”
-Ron Pfahler

Gets things done on time!

“Even though we had never utilized a professional designer, we felt that Kathleen could help us incorporate our furnishing from our old home into our new home. We would highly recommend Kathleen Zbacnik to you . . . . . . .She is really a delight to work with and gets things done on time!”
-The Johnsons, La Jolla

Able to grasp our decorating preferences while working within out budget…

“We found Kathleen to be a pleasure to work with, a very talented women in addition to her honesty, integrity and upbeat personality, who quickly was able to grasp our decorating preferences while working within out budget. We highly recommend Kathleen to new Harbor Club homeowners, and definitely consider her to be an extremely valuable asset to the property, as well as a treasured friend.”
-Captain & Mrs. Gerald F. Sullivan, USN (Ret.)

Beautifully completed result…

“Kathleen has been the exclusive designer for our home . . . . It would have been impossible for us to achieve the beautifully completed result of our home without her diligence. We would recommend her highly.”
-William A Anders, NASA Astronaut (Ret.)